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We have no current group for economics but if there is sufficient interest then we hope to start a new group in 2021. This will be a group for people working as economists or involved in post-grad economics studies.

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Recent Articles

Dethroning Mammon

How are we to understand the ways of the mammon? In dethroning mammon, Justin Welby gets to the crux of the argument. This is a fantastic book - an easy recommendation - and a worthy read for us all.

Neither Poverty nor Riches

One of the most difficult questions facing Christians today is that of the proper attitude toward possessions. What should we do on behalf of the poor? What should we do with our own possessions?

“The Poverty of Nations” – A Critical Review

The authors address an important topic - yet is the book’s conclusion that “continually producing more goods and services is the only route from poverty to prosperity” (p65) something we can support?