9th Cross-Current Conference for Young Professionals
20-22 November 2020

A Better Normal
20-22 November 2020

This year’s conference will feature:
Plenary Talks released in advance;
A Live Conference Opening;
Specific Professional Group tracks for existing members;
Open seminars;

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Our annual Cross-Current Professional Groups Conference  goes online

Our annual cross-current conference is an incubator for reflection, discipleship and growth for young professionals as ambassadors for Jesus, bearers of a message in our lives and through our character.

This is our 9th annual Cross-Current Conference for Young Professionals.
We have completely revised this year’s conference to make it accessible online. Some content will be exclusively for the 100 active professional group members from Europe and Eurasia, but we will also be making much of the material available to our wider growing community worldwide.

Beyond fragility, a better normal awaits us

This year, the impact of Covid-19 on our daily life, work, relationships and social life, and the life of our soul, cannot be ignored.

It is our wish that the Word of God, as it speaks to our world, should be the focus of our reflections. In the midst of uncertainty and turmoil, when we face the fragility of our own lives, there's hope that springs from who God is and his intentions to restore and redeem everything.

Main themes for biblical reflection

We will centre our biblical reflections on this theme from 2 Corinthians 4-6, where the words of the Apostle Paul challenge us. The Apostle, in the name of his companions, speaks of the fragility of his ‘profession’ which is also his ministry, both in the face of opposition from those who are resistant to the message of the Gospel and in the face of adverse circumstances. He draws a parallel with the fragility of the human condition and, more generally, the fragility of the world in which we live. He places all this reflection in the wider context of the kingdom which advances nevertheless, notably through the preaching of the Gospel, and above all because God works in Christ, reconciling the world to himself.

Beyond fragility, therefore, a “New Normal” awaits us, or rather, a “Better Normal.” This passage teaches us to better grasp the fragility of current circumstances but also of our individual condition (physical and mental), and to observe the implications of the living hope that the redemption of the universe in Christ brings about. If Christ is working towards the emergence of a “Better Normal,” what does this mean for us who are part of it and are ambassadors of this reality on the march and of the King who initiates it?

Working out the implications in our daily lives

These ideas allow us to take a renewed look at our world and at the collective effects of the Covid-19 crisis (with its new ways of working and relating to each other), but also at its personal effects (on our mental and spiritual health) and on other realities such as our positioning as Christians in the face of the great challenges against corruption and injustice in this world, for which many people— and among them, many young professionals and companies — are currently standing up.

We will discuss specific topics in small group settings.

General Schedule

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