"The earth is the Lord's and everything in it"


We believe that everything we have comes from the Lord and therefore it is his before it is ever ours. We believe this, but it is very difficult for us to live with this truth as reality. Most of us worry about money, that we haven't got enough, that more would be better. All of this creates a sort of financial crutch on which we become dependent: our lifestyle, our dreams, our sense of significance, even our identity can quickly become attached to our earning potential rather than to our existential reality in relationship with the living God.

Of course all this is made harder because we live surrounded by people who really do not believe in God and for whom money is a vital source of security. And this mindset pervades our own.

Generosity is a gift. Generosity gives us the opportunity to practice defiance of this false dependency on material wealth and reassert our rich to depend on God alone.