What else do you need to know...

OK - what is the basic idea?

We want to help you integrate your faith in Jesus Christ and your working life. Cross-Current groups aim to help you grow in Christlike character and in your intellectual ability to engage with issues in your workplace and profession.

Is there a group for me?

Some of our groups are focused on different professions and others on different locations. Check out the Professional Groups and City Groups lists to see if there are any suitable for you.

What is the difference between Cross-Current and a conference?

Conferences are single events. Cross-Current is a journey. Every six months or so we spend a weekend together where we learn together, mentor each other and get inspired. We go away, we stay in contact, we meet again and we hold each other to account with support. It's a three-year programme, with the prospect of making lifelong friends.

If I come what should I expect?

Cross-Current groups normally have 12-16 members and 2-3 leaders. Our meetings take place over weekends. Professional Groups normally meet from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon, whilst City Groups normally meet from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The meetings involve learning together through talks, Bible studies, case studies, discussion and peer mentoring. We also like to have fun!

I'm thinking of joining - what is involved?

Every Cross-Current group is based around 6 weekend meetings spread over 2-3 years. If you join, you should plan to be at each of these meetings because each Cross-Current group is a learning community where we support each other. City Groups meet locally - within or nearby their city. Professional Groups meet internationally, so you need to be prepared to travel (scholarships are available).

What if it just isn't for me?

Sometimes circumstances change, sometimes we try something and it just isn't what we need. You need to be ready to make a happy commitment to the group, so if you're uncertain, we suggest you come to the first meeting of a group, and if it's not for you, then just let us know.

How much does it cost?

We run all Cross-Current groups at cost price and only charge you for accommodation, meals and a small contribution towards resources. This works out at around €100 per meeting for City Groups and €150 to €200 for Professional Groups. For Professional Groups you will also have to budget for (often international) travel within Europe. If you are unable to afford to attend a meeting, you should contact us at admin@graduateimpact.org and explain your circumstances. We hope to be able to help you (although any funds we have are limited and have to be used for those with the greatest need). We do our best to make sure that finances are not what stops you joining the programme.

How can I help?

All our overhead costs - salaries, travel costs, operating expenses, scholarships - all these things which keep Cross-Current affordable to participants are paid for by independent financial support.

If you are in a position to help us help others, please become a Cross-Current supporter. Follow this link or hit the Donate button at the top of the page.

No gift is too small, and no giver is too poor.