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IFES GraduateImpact

Cross-Current is a program run by IFES GraduateImpact, a team within IFES (The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) that is dedicated to working with graduates, particularly as they transition from university into working life.

Why Graduate Impact?

We see the workplace as one of the great places where Christians can live and speak as Ambassadors for Christ - people with hope, integrity, justice and love in their hearts. Every day at work most of us enter a unique situation where we are living side-by-side with people who may know little about Jesus. Every day is a chance to share some of his love with those we work with.

At the same time, the transition from university to working life is one of the most challenging, during which time individuals find themselves in new circumstances, surrounded by new people who may hold very different views and beliefs of their own.

We want to help these Christian adults to see the opportunities to serve Jesus and bring him glory in their workplace, and also to learn to negotiate the transition to this new and challenging environment. You can read more about the Cross-Current program here.

What is IFES?

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students was founded in 1947 when leaders from ten evangelical student movements across the globe came together to form a global movement. Their ambitious dream was to see a clear witness to Jesus Christ established in every university in the world.

Today we are made up of students and staff in more than 170 countries. We are pioneering student witness on new campuses, inspiring each other in campus evangelism, engaging with the big issues in our universities and seeing graduates going on to impact society for the glory of Christ.

To learn more please visit www.ifesworld.org